Lingual braces are different to other braces as they are fitted to the inside of the teeth.


This makes lingual braces completely invisible braces. An invisible brace such as this are ideal for those who require Orthodontic treatment but do not wish to compromise their appearance.

There are several types of lingual appliances which can be used. Dr. Conal Kavanagh is a certified user of Incognito and also the next generation Win lingual appliances. This is a German designed and manufactured appliance and as with most German engineering products the precision and engineering involved in these appliances are second to none. Each individual bracket and wire that moves each tooth is customised and is essentially a bespoke appliance so that no two appliances are the same.

Lingual appliances were first used in this practice in the early 1970’s by Dr. Maurice Crean and Dr. Des Kavanagh but the appliances that are now available are much more comfortable. These appliances are more expensive than ceramic or metal, but offer aesthetic improvements to these.Completely customised lingual appliances are being increasingly being used by patients.